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Photo above by Dave of Ferric Star.

Welcome Aboard the Hylas 54 Heartsong III!

From January 1998 to March 2004 Liza and Alan Farrow-Gillespie of Dallas, Texas, completed a two-person sailing circumnavigation -- their lifetime dream.  These pages chronicle the trip.

Most recent update: May 2008.  The F-Gs have resumed landlife in Dallas.  Liza is an attorney and partner with Farrow-Gillespie & Heath, LLP.  Alan is an anesthesiologist and Director of Pediatric Pain Management at Children's Medical Center Dallas

Heartsong III is with new owners Stu & Sandy in the Caribbean.

It's all very sad, but inevitable really.  

You are visitor number Hit Counter since 26 June 2000.  Thanks for stopping by.  During the circumnavigation, folks visited from 57 countries.

Circumnavigation Wrap-Up

March 2004 -- Temple, Texas

Thank you for joining us along our journey and for participating in this site.  There are so many people around the world who made the trip even more special.  I won't list all the names, but you know who you are -- thanks from the bottom of our hearts! And to our family and land friends who helped us with communications, parts shipments, financial transactions, and other logistical complexities as they arose -- we love you.  

I'll leave the site online for a few years in case future voyagers find any of the information useful.

In the meantime, we are soaking up this wonderful feeling for a while.  Then it's time to resume our careers and get back into the swing of American life.  May I wish you all the best.  May you be healthy and prosperous.  May you too have the opportunity to live your dream.

Letters Home Removed

9 September 2006

The text of the "Letters Home" section is temporarily gone -- sorry!.  I am writing a book on our circumnavigation, based in part on those pages, and have removed them from the site until the book is published.

Hylas 54 -- SOLD! -- New Owners

18 August 2004

We are very pleased to announce that Heartsong III has been bought by Stu Elliott and Sandy Tamillow.  They moved aboard in early December 2004 and are enjoying the boat in the Caribbean.  We wish them all the joy in the world as the adventure continues.

Site Contents

Letters, video and photographs; the circumnavigation route, with notes on ports, passages, and international vendors; description of the boat and her equipment, supplies, and maintenance; answers to questions about voyaging; sailing publications by Liza and/or about the boat; communication with Heartsong III; links to other sites about voyaging; and a search utility for this site, which is probably way too big.

Most Recent on the Site (and when it was posted)

bulletTsunami report from cruisers in Phuket and Langkawi (Dec 2004)
bulletUpdate on Croatian ports and anchorages (Aug 2004)
bulletAnswers to recently asked questions (Mar 2004)
bulletVideo clip:  Atlantic Ocean sunset (Jan 2004)
bulletPhotos of Atlantic crossing (Dec 2003)
bulletVideo clips: Dolphins in the Adriatic Sea; a day in Phong Gna Bay, Thailand; and Heartsong III at anchor in Thailand (Nov 2003)
bulletUpdate on piracy (June 2003)

We do not accept payment of any kind from anybody for any information posted on this website.  We may be opinionated, but we're impartial.

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